what is my purpose

whatever we do in life, don’t we always want to know the purpose of it? we always have to know why we’re doing it, what it’s all about, etc. so you’re probably wondering the same about this blog, written by a rookie blogger, what is her purpose, why is she writing, why should i come back?

so here is my purpose and what my blog is all about: I learn so much about life through others: whether its watching others, listening to them, trying what they did, I’ve learned more about life through others and life experiences than from a textbook. I’ve learned some awesome stuff from blogs, so why not share some of the things I’ve learned and maybe a few tricks I have up my sleeve as well?

whether its a new recipe I tried, a new product I have found, a project I’ve done or want to do, or just sharing about something super cool that happened, you’ll find it here. but I promise you, the thing you won’t find about my life here: a play-by-play of my everyday life. I don’t care if you made mac n’ cheese before you took a nap on a Tuesday afternoon, so I know you don’t care if I did the same thing.

remember, i’m just a rookie blogger, so┬ácut me a little bit of slack. give me some comments and help me get better, but don’t tear me apart.

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