my top 5 money-saving resources

I rarely pay full price for anything. In fact,  I cringe when I do have to pay full price || I get asked all the time “what are my secrets” and “teach me how”..well friends, it’s actually super easy + just takes a little bit of time on your part.

here are my top 5 money-saving resources (aside from buying on sale, buying generic, etc)

  1. coupons the most obvious one, right? but where do you get them? i didn’t just discover all of these resources overnight. it took time. i read blogs, i spent hours on pinterest, i searched the internet up and down, but to put it bluntly: i simply just did my research. some of my favorite places to get coupons:
    • Sunday newspaper
    •  Product packaging (I used to just throw cardboard boxes away without looking at them, until I found out some companies DO put coupons on their packaging, inside + out)
    •  Catalinas (you know, those “annoying” coupons that print out at the register) 9 times out of 10, the catalinas that print are for items in your transaction; now you obviously can’t use them since you just completed your transaction, but if you bought something once, you’ll probably buy it again, right? my husband is a frozen pizza fanatic — target & hy-vee both print amazing catalinas for frozen pizza
    • Store websites 
    • Manufacturer websites — side note: I have written to many manufacturers telling them how much I love their products and how they have made my life easier. Well guess what? you would be surprised how many manufacturers will send you back some coupons.

2. target cartwheel + red card O.M.G. right? Target makes it SO easy to save tons of money! did you know you can use cartwheel + store coupons + manufacturer coupons + red card all at once? the savings are endless. when using the red card to pay, your total savings with the red card for that shopping trip appear on your receipt as well as your savings from red card year to date, the 5% totally adds up. the cartwheel app also shows your lifetime savings with the app, in the past 2 years, my savings are $354!! just by scanning each product with my phone before i toss it in the cart.

3. rebates i promise, they are worth spending the 47¢ on a stamp and spending 30 seconds to fill out the rebate form and toss it in the mailbox. heck, some offers you can even fill out online. menards is ALWAYS having rebates and it comes in the form of a store credit. last year we bought a new house and bought paint for the entire house, each can came with a $10 mail-in-rebate offer, taking the price of each can down to just $16 vs $26. our rebates added up to over $100 by the time we were done. what would you do with an extra $100?

4. store loyalty programs some programs are a waste of time with little to no return, but some are actually pretty legit. one of my favorites: hyvee fuel saver. i’ve paid less than $5 for an ENTIRE tank of gas, that should have cost me well over $25.

5. retail me not || if you don’t have their app, you need it.  its so easy to use: just type in the store and if any coupons are available, I just screenshot and then have the cashier scan my coupon when I check out. see? I told you it was easy. they also sort the offers by in-store and online codes — anytime I shop online, I ALWAYS check the app to see if there are any coupon codes.

so there you have it, some of my “secrets” to saving hundreds thousands of dollars each year, without eating ramon noodles for every meal. I’d love to hear what resources all of you use to save money!

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