my road to happiness 

over the past year, i finally figured out the key to true happiness. but how? you’re probably thinking she’s only 25 and thinks she knows everything about everything, shes young and naive. well sure, if you want to think that go right ahead, but when you read about how I discovered true happiness with my life, you’ll understand what I mean.

I started doing me. I realized people don’t care as much as what I think they do. in fact, most people don’t care at all. and I don’t mean as in they don’t care about me as a person. they don’t care if I  wear the same pair of jeans on Friday as I did on Monday. they could care less if my hair is in messy bun or curled like i just left the salon. i was living my life to basically impress others, not living my life for me.

I used to be the girl who never left the house unless my hair was done and I had full makeup and some uncomfortable outfit on. but why? because I thought others were caring about what I was doing.

now how do I leave the house? hair in a messy bun, my makeup is usually mascara from 2 days ago, and the comfiest leggings and oversized shirt I can find, and no I don’t have any kids.

the very second I made this realization and started doing me, I saw a complete 180 in my happiness levels, because I was doing me. I let go of the paranoia. I let go of the trying to impress others. I let go of being someone I wasn’t because I realized I was trying to impress people I didn’t even like because I thought they cared. I promise, you the minute you make this discovery, you will be 100x happier person.

||I didn’t write this post for me, I wrote it for you.||

because at 25, I discovered how to be happy in my own skin and love myself, something some people who have lived to 95 never discovered. once you realize how to be truly happy, you get so much more out of life.




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