my top 10 winter essentials

the days of sunshine, fall leaves, and green brown grass will soon be gone, and the cold, snowy Iowa winter will be upon us. yet it seems like just yesterday, I was complaining about how high the a/c bill was from the humid Iowa summer and wondering when the heat would finally break. i’m not a cold weather girl at all. in fact, I dread it and complain about it, every single year. yet, there must be something deep inside that I love about it.

being born and raised in iowa and having lived nowhere else, ive come to realize there are a just a few things I consider necessities to make the cold iowa winters just a little bit more bearable.

my top 10 essentials to survive winter without losing your mind

1. huge, warm scarf

Looking cute and staying warm all at the same time.. need I say more?

2. Vicks waterless vaporizer

this waterless vaporizer is seriously amazing. it’s super affordable (less than $15) and so small and compact, on top of the fact it doesn’t require water eliminating messes.

 3. heated blanket

I have yet to find a brand I really love or would recommend. the one I currently have doesn’t seem to produce much heat. any recommendations for me? leave them in the comments!

4. lip balm

one of the most uncomfortable feelings for me are dry, chapped lips. they certainly aren’t the most attractive either.

5. Lotion (you guessed it)

Jergens is my go-to brand. Super moisturizing + no greasy feelings + smells amazing

 6. hair spray

static hair is not in this season.  my favorite is the Chi brand. it smells SOO good too. I think its right around $20 at Ulta!

 7. fuzzy socks

because they’re just comfier than regular socks, right? I prefer the ones with aloe!

8. apple cider + a cute cup (of course)

I’m not a huge hot coco person, so apple cider is my go-to warm drink.

9. indoor hobbies – puzzles, board games, books, etc.

what better time than to tackle the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that’s been sitting on the top shelf of the closet for 4 years? grab a puzzle with something you love on it and it makes it so much more fun!

10. crockpot

I know I’ve talked about my iStir crockpot before but I cannot say enough good things about this one. i love crockpot meals/soups when its -10 outside + it makes your house smell amazing!!

you can purchase some of the products I listed above just by clicking on the below links. they are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase something by clicking on the links, I will earn a small commission. however, it will result in no additional cost to you, at all.

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