kitchen organization on a budget: one cabinet at a time

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I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t born with amazing organizational instincts, I struggle with organization multiple times a day. but lately I decided I wanted to get organized and I decided to tackle the kitchen first (what was I thinking?!) but I decided to tackle the kitchen one area at a time vs the entire kitchen at once.

so I headed to Pinterest to grab some ideas, figured out what I needed, made a list, then ran to menards to get all my essentials.


before: how to organize your kitchen || one cabinet at a time

As you can see, no real theme to the cabinet, some measuring spoons and bowls

thrown around and some random appliances that didn’t have a home were stored in this cabinet.


Baking cabinet organization


spent $4 total for 2 packages (4 hooks each) of generic brand hooks.

use hooks on door for measuring spoons, measuring cups, and batter spoons

bottom shelf

used 3 hooks for attachments for my kitchen aid mixer

I then took plastic storage containers  I already had to store my toothpicks, sucker sticks, and cupcake liners

I wanted to use something with lids, as these are not items I use terribly often so by having lids I could stack these containers.

middle shelf

no additional materials were needed for this shelf

top shelf

spent $2 for the container to hold my cookie cutters.

once again, I don’t use them often so I wanted a container with a lid.

I now have all my baking supplies organized into one cabinet and but most of all I did it without breaking the bank! The entire project only cost $6 total!!


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