she isnt JUST a dog

if you don’t have a dog, you just wont understand. trust me, i was there a year ago. i had the same thoughts.

when someone tells me my dog is “just a dog“, i’m offended. when someone tells us “you spend way too much money on your dog” or “you spoil her way too much” or “you treat her like a child, you know shes just a dog, right”, im offended. because my dog, isn’t just a dogi’m sorry i had to tell you that, when you should have known.

she saved me from myself.

in the short almost 9 months she has been apart of our family, she’s made more of an impact on my life, than some people ive known my entire life have. the impact she has had on my daily battle against depression and anxiety cannot be measured.

in my most depressed moments, she has a way of showing me things will get better, they arent as bad as i think. in my most anxious moments, she has a way of showing me it’s really nothing to fret about, there are more important things in life.

she is there when im alone with my thoughts, which for anyone with depression, knows how scary and hard those times can be. she keeps me away from being alone with my thoughts. she is someone i can talk to without having the worry of being judged. i can get my thoughts and feelings off my chest, without the worry of offending someone, or hurting someone.

so if you are someone who says “it’s just a dog”, think twice before saying it to someone next time. because “that dog” just might be what is giving someone a purpose, it just might be what is healing a person.



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