4 tips to save money Christmas shopping

saving money seems to be something I have a “knack” for. I wont pretend to be an expert on couponing or try to tell you I pay $5 for a cart full of groceries, it just doesn’t happen for me.

but do I save quite a bit of money when I go to buy something? I sure do, and if I don’t, its not because I didn’t try. my usual grocery store trips usually amount to about $20-$30 worth of savings, but hey its more cash in my pocket I now have to spend on other things.

I know this time of year costs everyone extra money. Christmas shopping gets expensive, but you already knew that.

so I’ve put together a few tips + tricks I use, to help save you a few extra dollars this Christmas.

discounted gift cards

purchasing discounted gift cards is a great way to save a few bucks while Christmas shopping. websites such as Gift Card Granny and Cardpool offer both online and physical gift cards at discounted prices. the discount percentage is different for each store. use these discounted gift cards to pay for your holiday shopping!


have you ever seen those commericals for ebates? turns out, ebates does actually work! in just the few weeks I’ve been actively using ebates, I’ve already gotten over $6 in cash back! I just set Ebates as the homepage on my laptop and I use it every single time! on my phone, I downloaded their app and it’s super easy to use!

if i’ve inspired you to check out ebates, use my referral link and i’ll get a little something for showing you the light 🙂

cash back credit cards

my husband and I don’t use credit cards in the traditional sense. we don’t use them when cash is low, because we pay cash for everything. BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t use credit cards. we just pay them off every month.

 in fact, I love using my discover card. why? because I get cash back on EVERYTHING. and this quarter I get 5% back using my card at amazon, which is where a majority of my Christmas shopping is done.

dollar stores

after all the gifts are purchased, you still have to wrap them + tie all the pretty bows + fill out the name tags so they look all beautiful underneath your tree. I know I don’t need to tell you how expensive wrapping paper is, but my goodness, some rolls go for $4-$6, holy smokes!

the local dollar store is an AWESOME place to get your wrapping rolls, gifts, bags, bows, ribbon, tissue paper, etc. for CHEAP! why pay good money for something to just be ripped up and thrown away? spend the extra bucks you saved on your wrapping essentials on a little something for yourself.

combine online coupons + ebates + cash back credit cards and you’re bound to save a good chunk of change this holiday shopping season.

for more money savings hacks, check out my previous post my top 5 money saving resources.

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