how to save money on last minute christmas gifts

I don’t know about all of you, but I just realized Christmas was next weekend and went into a slight moment of panic. I have more gifts left to purchase than gifts I have already purchased. It’s quite easy to spend more money on gifts than you normally would during this last-minute, winter-storm coming, panic mode. You might just be grabbing the first first item you see, regardless of the price, just to get your shopping done. BUT you might actually be able to save more during this last-minute mode. 

Free Online Shipping

Most often I have found a store’s website is a few bucks cheaper than the store. But if you have 10 different stores to go to, you probably don’t have lots of time to stand in the long lines of customer service to ask for a price match. Skip the lines and go home!

But then don’t you have to pay $8 bucks from each store for shipping? Heck no! Many popular stores are offering free shipping {guaranteed by Christmas} on all orders with no minimum amount required.

don’t forget to go through ebates first though to earn your extra cash back. Just today, I’ve earned $5 by finishing up my Christmas shopping online through ebates. {and if you havent joined ebates yet, use my referral link here to get started today}

Amazon Daily Deals

I’m slightly obsessed with Amazon. Have you seen their daily deals this week?! I’m practically mind-blown with how awesome these deals are and if you have Amazon Prime {does anyone NOT have Prime these days?} your shipping is always free!

In December, Discover is offering 5% cash back on purchases from Amazon {saving money + cash back}. {If you don’t have Amazon Prime, use my referral link to get started today!}

Amazon Gift Cards

Through December 22, if you purchase $50 of Amazon gift cards in 1 transaction, you’ll get a $10 credit to your account. You’re going to give that gift card anyway, why not just make it an Amazon gift card {obviously they have everything} and you get an extra $10 in your pocket?

{Plus I got my 5% cash back from Discover}

Last Minute Gifts

E-Gift Cards

I use to really not care for the idea of giving others gift cards. I just felt like it was impersonal and the easy way of buying gifts. But if Grandma wants a Gap gift card, why not get her what she asked for? However, sometimes with gift cards though, you have to drive all over town and stand in line for 30 minutes just to get 1 gift card, and then go to 5 other stores and do it all over again.

This year, I really started getting into e-gift cards. They work just the same as a physical gift card, can be used online or in-stores. You can email them directly to whomever you’re giving it to. But I just email it to myself, print it out, and then wrap it up in a box just like I would a physical gift card.

{Plus you get all that cash back using ebates by purchasing online too} You don’t have to leave your house to deal with all of the crowds, trying to find a parking spot, and that bitter cold.

Save the hassle of dealing with crowded parking lots, long checkout lines, bitterly cold weather, and shop from your living room in your PJs with your wine in hand, while enjoying the last weekend before Christmas!

Where have you seen some amazing online shopping deals this holiday season?

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