20 inexpensive {or free} date night ideas

Some of my most favorite date night ideas are the most non-traditional ones. I’m not a romance, candlelight dinner type of girl. My most perfect date night would be watching Dateline on the couch while shoveling popcorn + ice cream into my mouth then washing it down with an ice cold beer. But hey, to each their own, right?

 The cost of date night is no joke. While one of my goals in 2017 is to spend much less money on going out to eat and things like that, that means our date night budget has also gone down.

I’ve put together a list of super inexpensive + some free date night ideas. After all, cutting out date night all together just isn’t an option.

  1. Board games, card games, puzzles, Wii, etc.

  2. Movie + popcorn {at home}

  3. Bike Rides

  4. Pack a picnic

  5. Make a meal together

  6. Go camping {in the backyard}

  7. Make a campfire

  8. Go through old pictures + videos together

  9. Volunteer

  10. Free concerts {more frequent in the warmer months}

  11. Tackle a Pinterest project together

  12. Netflix binge

  13. Watch the sun set

  14. Throw on some music + just dance

  15. Go for a drive

  16. Go out for ice cream or snow cones

  17. Hiking

  18. Explore a nature trail

  19. Attend a high school sporting event

  20. Check out a farmer’s market


We are always looking for new {inexpensive} date night ideas. What are some of your favorites? I’d LOVE to hear them!!

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