{delicious +healthy} chocolate protein smoothie

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Instead of calling them “New Years Resolutions”, I prefer to call them “goals.” Because that’s what they are. Plain + simple goals, and we’ve just set the upcoming new year as our starting line.

I have to be honest though, and say setting goals has always being scary for me. The fear of failing keeps me from playing the game. I’m the very first to admit it. But over the past few years, I’ve stopped to look around and realized a few things about myself. I was setting extreme goals, that didn’t seem to be attainable, so of course, I was constantly failing.

I am proud to say I am still going strong on my goals for 2017. Yes, it is only mid-January, but I guarantee either you or someone {many people} you know have already given up their “resolutions.” I set my goals much more attainable this year, without making them too easy.

My biggest goal for 2017: become a healthier person all around. If you’re a numbers person, this might be hard for you to read. But I set goals that are measurable to ME. Because after all, the goals are mine, and only mine to achieve.

Today I am sharing my protein smoothie recipes that have been keeping me full + satisfied, which has led to an already healthier ME. They keep me full for 4-5 hours and are so YUMMY! I drink one of these for a meal and haven’t found myself snacking in between meals.

{Chocolate + Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie}

Makes 24-28 oz.

2 scoops chocolate protein powder

8-10 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2 tbsp. peanut butter

1 frozen banana {I peel + chop up all my bananas as soon as I buy them from the store. Once they are chopped up, I put each into an individual baggie to place in the freeze} So much easier when you go to make your smoothies!

2 cups ice

I use my Ninja Professional Blender I received at my bridal shower and absolutely love it! I highly recommend it! Just throw everything in and put it on low for around 30 seconds.

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean bland food with no flavor. My meal replacement chocolate + peanut butter protein smoothie is both delcious + healthy.

{Other items I used: Contigo Blender Bottle + Formula Container

Formula Container – Each compartment is the perfect size to hold 2 scoops of protein powder. If you’re always in a hurry + on the go like me, this is perfect, comes in both blue + pink. I measure my protein powder out at the beginning of the week and have 4 days worth right away so all I have to do is just open the cap and pour into my blender.

I find this one keeps me full without wanting to snack! It’s so delicious! I’ve tried some protein shakes in the past and well, let’s just say, they weren’t the most tasty.

I’ll be posting my iced coffee protein shake later in the week! If you’re a coffee junkie like myself, but looking for something a little healthier, you won’t want to miss this one.

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