50 easy ways to save money in 2017

I've put together a list of 50 incredibly easy ways to save money. It covers everything from grocery shopping, to medical tips, to fixing the leaky bathroom faucet.

It’s shortly after New Years yet and you’re probably still working away¬†at those “resolutions” you set. You want to lose weight this year, you want to become a millionaire, you want to become a better friend, etc, etc. We all set the same goals year after year and come February we’re just done with them. We’re over it, and ready to be back to our old selves. So that’s why now is the PERFECT time to share this list with you. You should know by now that saving money is kind of my thing. I’m frugal, yet still get pretty much whatever I want. So how do I do it? Well if you’re new here, you might want to check out my previous posts, but if you’re not new, you’ have a few ideas how I do it.

I’ve come up with a list of 50 super easy ways to save money this year. These aren’t ways to MAKE MONEY, but to save money with what you already have. You see, I’m a corporate, 9-5er (I think I just made up a new word), there are some chances for overtime to make some extra money, but not steadily, so if I want something, I SAVE to get there. I can’t go out and pick up an extra shift or two like my husband can who does manual labor.

  1. throw loose change in a jar
  2. make your coffee at home
  3. cut coupons
  4. automate your savings
  5. cut your gym membership and workout at home
  6. meal plan
  7. make a grocery list {and stick to it}
  8. compare prices
  9. refinance your home or car loan
  10. pay-off credit cards
  11. go out to eat one less time each month
  12. buy generic
  13. buy in bulk
  14. downgrade your cable package
  15. turn the thermostat down a few degrees
  16. install a programmable thermostat
  17. cover drafty windows with plastic
  18. cut up credit cards
  19. pay bills online
  20. join rewards programs
  21. cancel unused magazine + newspaper subscriptions
  22. cut out soda
  23. bike or walk places
  24. carpool with neighbors
  25. use free samples
  26. plant a garden
  27. shop the clearance section
  28. shop at dollar stores
  29. buy produce in season then freeze it
  30. cut meat from your diet a few days a week
  31. price match
  32. maximize tax deductions + tax credits
  33. replace light bulbs with LED light bulbs
  34. DIY rather than higher someone to do it for you
  35. layer clothing in the winter time
  36. eat leftovers
  37. run the washing machine on cold instead of hot
  38. get leaky faucets and toilets fixed
  39. take a sack lunch to work instead of buying your lunch
  40. budget
  41. split memberships with others to save money {such as sharing an Amazon prime account or a warehouse store membership}
  42. buy secondhand rather than brand new
  43. might sound crazy, but have you ever just asked someone to go lower on a price?
  44. money saving apps
  45. using discounted gift cards
  46. be healthier {healthier = less trips to doctor}
  47. maximize employer benefit options
  48. perform preventative maintenance
  49. stop impulse shopping
  50. get clothes tailored when they don’t fit instead of buying new


I told you they were super easy!! Challenge yourself for a couple weeks by trying some of these suggestions and keep track of how much money you really do save just by following simple tips! Share them with me, I would love to hear how these tips have helped you!! and you know I definitely want to hear all about other money saving tips you all use, leave ’em in the comments for me!

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