how to save BIG at Target

Shopping at Target almost always equals HUGE savings for me! I've put together some of my tips and tricks for saving BIG at Target along with a few awesome deals I found there this week!


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I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately asking how I save BIG using coupons and such, so I decided I would share a few tips and some of the top deals I’ve seen this week.

I usually am able to find the best savings at Target. Because I can use a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, Cartwheel, and then save an additional 5% with my RedCard. It all adds up! I’ve also found CVS also has AMAZING opportunities to save big as well!!

My Strategy

I start out each week {on Sundays} by going through new ad flyers and seeing what is on sale, where the sale is, and inputting it into an excel spreadsheet. {I use excel because then I can total and calculate everything right there, instead of having to grab a calculator} Writing down anything I would use in the flyer that is on sale, anything I’m running low on, etc. Noting the exact quantity (such as 8 oz., 10 ct, etc), the store, and it’s price.

Next it’s time to go through Cartwheel looking for those exact products I wrote down, and if it matches, write down the Cartwheel discount.

I do the same thing with Cartwheel, I did with my ads. {I’ve gotten things 50% off just from Cartwheel} before. I then go to my different coupon sources {including digital coupons such as Hyvee + Target mobile coupons} to see what all is out there and if anything matches, I add it to my row for that product. I love knowing how much my products will cost roughly before I get to the check out so its not a complete shock, especially if you have a cart full of your favorite things! I always give myself about .10 {either way} on each product when doing my calculations, just because when computing discounts with percent rounding is usually involved and can make a BIG difference with a lot of goodies in the cart.

I know it’s late in the week and these prices are only good for a few more days, but here are a few of the amazing saving opportunities I found at Target this week {Target’s ad runs Sunday-Saturday; these prices are valid through January 28th} I’ll do better at posting my deals earlier in the week so you have more time to run out and grab them up!

Favorite Target Deals this Week

  1. Cetaphil {on sale at Target for $8.99, regularly $10.39} + a $2 off coupon from = $6.99 each {Total savings of $3.40 each}
  2. Colgate Total {$4.99 for at twin pack at Target} + use a $2 off-one time use on Cartwheel + $2 off coupon from = $0.99 each {Total savings of $4}
  3. Mucinex {prices will vary by quantities and variety} 10% off using Cartwheel + $2 off coupon from
  4. Almay Cosmetics || 10% off using cartwheel + $4 off coupon from
  5. Diapers {I’m not a mommy, but I couldn’t resist seeing how awesome this deal was} Cartwheel + sale {with a free gift card, with select quantities + varieties} + manufacturer coupons

These are just some of the crazy awesome deals I saw at Target this week. Household products are where I save big money! You should never be paying full price for household products, there are usually always coupons out there, plus you should be stocking up when you see a great deal!

If you saw my skincare post, you know I’ll be running out to stock up on Cetaphil cleanser! This might just be the best deal I’ve found on Cetaphil yet!

Tell me what are some of your favorite stores to save big at + what are some products you want me to search for big savings on or even coupons for that matter!! I’m always up for an awesome savings challenges!!




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