where i’ve been (figuratively + literally)

it’s really crazy to me just how fast time truly passes. the past 6 months have been a whirlwind for me, which might explain why i’ve been MIA for a few months now. but i’m BACK and happier than ever!!

earlier this year i started the search for a  new job. i loved my current job! i loved the people i worked with, i loved what i did, but there was something missing. for the longest time i couldnt figure out what it was, but once I was able to, i felt i had set myself free. it was an amazing feeling. it just wasnt for me anymore. fast forward a few months to the end of march, i accepted an offer with a new company and i’m still adjusting to life in a new career, a new industry, etc.

and onto the fun news! my husband and i took her honeymoon to the GORGEOUS state of HAWAII in June (full post coming soon + pictures). i cannot say enough amazing things about our trip. i will be sharing pictures and reviews of some amazing spots from our trip. i’m sure by the end of that post you’ll be booking your own trip to the islands. and i would be lying if i said i wasnt already planning our return  trip back 😉

so there you have it: why i’ve been MIA, where i’ve been, and whats coming! be on the lookout for my post about our trip to Hawaii, some new lifestyle pieces coming to the blog, as well as my usual money saving tips + tricks!

thanks for sticking with me, friends! if you’re new, welcome + i hope you’ll be back! 


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