the beauty of maui

It’s one of those places everyone dreams of going to, with only a select few ever going there. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, luxurious, warm, perfect, and so much more. But the pictures don’t do it justice. Because you can’t put the culture and the kindness of the native people into pictures. You can’t put the land and the hospitality of the land into pictures, or the simpleness into pictures.

I had a lengthy post written about our time in Maui, but then I realized I wasn’t capturing the true beauty of Maui, because Maui isn’t about the shopping, or the resorts, or the food, or the souvenirs, it’s about the beauty of the land, all of Hawaii is. There is just something so calming and peaceful about Hawaii, I think the ocean air has something do with it, in fact I know it does. Many days when we were driving on the island, we rolled the windows down and just felt the ocean air, felt the breeze in our fingers, and let our worries go.

So instead of writing a lengthy post, I’ll just share a handful of our many (hundred) pictures! Enjoy!

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