where is our infertility journey + what’s our plan?

The two questions we get asked most often are 1. “so where are you at? IVF?” and 2. “so what’s the next step in the plan?” Before I answer those questions, I have a few thoughts though. Why do so many people just assume IVF is the ONLY treatment for infertility? Do you have any idea how expensive IVF is? Go look it up and then maybe you’ll see just why, we’re testing out some other options first.

Question 1, is an easy one to answer, for us. No, we’re not at IVF. That doesn’t mean we’re never going to do IVF, we have no idea at this point, if we will do IVF. Right now, we are going exhausting other (less expensive) infertility treatments.

So where are we then exactly in our treatment? Well, our treatment is at the very beginning, but our journey isn’t. I am currently taking my first round of Clomid. Clomid is a drug used to help with ovulation in women who don’t ovulate or have trouble ovulating (ME!). (I by no means am a doctor, just a disclaimer.) So yes, my first round of Clomid is in the books, and while most people might say “oh, so you’re at the beginning”, it’s not exactly true. Because you see, before I could even take Clomid, I had many hoops to jump through. You can’t just go fixing something if you don’t know what the problem is or the source of the problem. Am I right or am I right? 

I’ve had numerous  countless doctor appointments, ultrasounds, lab draws, etc. to get to this point. Which is why when my husband picked up those sacred little pills from the pharmacy for me, I was ecstatic! Because it’s the most hope (and closest) we’ve had yet to conceiving. It’s taken many LONG months to get to this point and we are over the moon to finally be here.

Question 2, so whats the next step in the plan? Well, I don’t exactly have an answer for this question, even though we have some plans and answers. So why not? Because infertility doesn’t play by the rules. We cannot make a concrete plan because my body is constantly changing. My hormones are constantly changing, so we might come up with a plan, but then in 2 weeks after a blood draw, we might have to alter that plan. My body might respond to Clomid and it might not. We have no idea. The plan for one couple is not going to work for the next couple. Infertility isn’t fair and it doesn’t play by the rules.

So here are some answers to the most common questions we’ve received since we started our journey with infertility and sharing our story with the world. So the only things definitely in the plan are praying, trusting our faith, remaining hopeful, and leaning on each other + our support system. 

If you’re going through infertility, where is your journey at?  Leave it in the comments or shoot me an email. After all, we’re only 1 in 8, we must support and lean on each other. 🙂

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