about me

meet Shannon: just your average 25 year old trying to survive this crazy journey called life, one glass of wine at a time. i’m not a wine expert, by any means, except maybe an expert on who has the best deal for the week. I was always taught to find something you’re good at and pursue it, for me, I happen to be good at drinking wine. lucky me!

i am married to the love of my life and live in good ‘ole Iowa. no, we do not farm. we don’t drive tractors for cars, either. i work in the financial services industry by day and by night i am an MBA student. i’m a coupon freak and rarely ever pay full price for anything (stay tuned friends)


we have 1 child for now, a 10 month old lab/boxer puppy, who is 100% crazy! Moxley Jo has stolen our worlds and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. she joined our family in march of 2016 from an amazing rescue organization, which we now volunteer with frequently. human children are in our future, 2-3 year future, for those wondering. my husband and i are both lovers of animals, watching sports, being outside, and like any couple, eating and being lazy, together.


what do i hope to write about: well, anything and everything. hence the name, a day in the life. i am anything but average, so i wouldn’t want my blog to be any different. but i really want to share my journey with finding true happiness (all while living with depression), my journey with finding out who i truly am and not being afraid to be her, and anything else that comes up during a day in the of Shannon. oh, and i suppose i want to share my money saving hacks and couponing tricks with ya’ll too.