top 10 things you’re wasting money on

By purchasing items we don't need, we're throwing away money every single day. I put together a list of 10 common things people waste money on every single day.


As a society, we waste money on simple, easy things every single day. We live in a world where we “just don’t have time”. So to compensate, we pay for convenience. The $5 charge here and the $10 charge here might not seem like a lot, but when you add it up overtime, it really adds up.

I put together a list of 10 things I stopped wasting money on and saw the money really add up!! We encounter these charges almost every single day.

You’re wasting your own money!

  1. ATM fees

Paying to access my own money is just a concept that I can’t seem to wrap my mind around. Most ATMs will charge $2-$4 to use their ATM, as well as a charge by the customer’s bank of the same amounts. Paying close to $30 to take out $20 is outrageous. Set out 10 minutes early and swing by the ATM at your bank where you can withdraw your money for free.

2. Shipping Costs

To be honest, I didn’t realize people were still paying for shipping costs. Companies make it incredibly easy to get your items for free. I pay $49 a year for Amazon Prime with my Student membership; however, I order so much more from Amazon than other companies now that I have the Prime membership. The $49 has well paid for itself many times over and over already in shipping costs alone. If you can’t reach the minimum amount for free shipping or need your item right away, try reserving your item online (to save time + money) and picking up in store.

3. Internet Modem Rental

I’m guilty of paying for this up until about 2 years ago. Each month I was wasting $5 + tax on renting a modem from my internet provider. At the end of 1 year, I was paying well over $60 for an item I didn’t own. I went out and bought my own modem and it paid for itself in less than 1 year. Don’t be afraid of upfront costs if the savings is well worth it over time.

4. Monthly Banking Fees

So many banks offer free checking accounts with no minimum requirements. Most of us don’t need anything fancy when it comes to banking, just opt for the free account.

5.Cell Phone Insurance

Cell phone insurance is amazing! It saved me probably close to $1000 in my lifetime of cell phones. So why am I saying it’s a waste of money? Check the benefits of your credit and debit cards. I recently signed up for a Wells Fargo credit card for the sole purpose of cancelling my cell phone insurance. As long as I pay my cell phone bill with that specific credit card each month, Wells Fargo will automatically provide me with free cell phone insurance. Obviously I pay it off every month so I don’t rack up interest charges. I saved $11 + tax each month alone by cancelling my cell phone insurance through my provider.

6. Bottled water

Unless you live in an area where drinking tap water isn’t safe, STOP buying bottled water! I’m not a fan of tap water, but I’m a huge fan of water filters, such as a Brita pitcher or filter. The savings is INCREDIBLE!! I’ve bought bottled water twice in the past 3 years. Once when our town flooded and there was potential for our water to get shut off. The second time, for my bachelorette party.

7. Brand-name Products

9 times out of 10 you’re not gaining anything with a brand name product over the generic alternative. Hardly anything in my house is brand name. Target makes it SO easy to buy generic by placing the generic alternative right next to brand names and their Up & Up brand clearly states on the label *Compare to “brand name product”. Take an extra 30 seconds per product by flipping them over to compare the ingredients of the product.

8. Cleaning Products

I have very few cleaning products in my house. Simply because many general multi-purpose cleaners truly can be used for many different surfaces. For example there are many specailized products on the market for cleaning showers. So does that mean I also need to buy a different cleaner for my kitchen sink? Unless you have surfaces with very specific care instructions, a multi-purpose cleaner can be used for multi-purposes.

9. Warranties

There are very few circumstances extended warranties are a good investment. Extended warranties are incredibly specific on what they will and will not cover and most times, they will not cover much more than the manufacturer’s warranty.

10. Buying Books

I’m talking about novels. Most times you buy a novel to read it one. Why spend upwards of $15 to read a book once? Head to your local library instead where you can “rent” books for next to nothing.


I challenge you to try to cut just 1 of these charges out of your life for just 1 month and see just how much money you can save by eliminating one of these items.

how to save BIG at Target

Shopping at Target almost always equals HUGE savings for me! I've put together some of my tips and tricks for saving BIG at Target along with a few awesome deals I found there this week!


This post contains affiliate links, for more information, please see my disclosure page.

I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately asking how I save BIG using coupons and such, so I decided I would share a few tips and some of the top deals I’ve seen this week.

I usually am able to find the best savings at Target. Because I can use a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, Cartwheel, and then save an additional 5% with my RedCard. It all adds up! I’ve also found CVS also has AMAZING opportunities to save big as well!!

My Strategy

I start out each week {on Sundays} by going through new ad flyers and seeing what is on sale, where the sale is, and inputting it into an excel spreadsheet. {I use excel because then I can total and calculate everything right there, instead of having to grab a calculator} Writing down anything I would use in the flyer that is on sale, anything I’m running low on, etc. Noting the exact quantity (such as 8 oz., 10 ct, etc), the store, and it’s price.

Next it’s time to go through Cartwheel looking for those exact products I wrote down, and if it matches, write down the Cartwheel discount.

I do the same thing with Cartwheel, I did with my ads. {I’ve gotten things 50% off just from Cartwheel} before. I then go to my different coupon sources {including digital coupons such as Hyvee + Target mobile coupons} to see what all is out there and if anything matches, I add it to my row for that product. I love knowing how much my products will cost roughly before I get to the check out so its not a complete shock, especially if you have a cart full of your favorite things! I always give myself about .10 {either way} on each product when doing my calculations, just because when computing discounts with percent rounding is usually involved and can make a BIG difference with a lot of goodies in the cart.

I know it’s late in the week and these prices are only good for a few more days, but here are a few of the amazing saving opportunities I found at Target this week {Target’s ad runs Sunday-Saturday; these prices are valid through January 28th} I’ll do better at posting my deals earlier in the week so you have more time to run out and grab them up!

Favorite Target Deals this Week

  1. Cetaphil {on sale at Target for $8.99, regularly $10.39} + a $2 off coupon from = $6.99 each {Total savings of $3.40 each}
  2. Colgate Total {$4.99 for at twin pack at Target} + use a $2 off-one time use on Cartwheel + $2 off coupon from = $0.99 each {Total savings of $4}
  3. Mucinex {prices will vary by quantities and variety} 10% off using Cartwheel + $2 off coupon from
  4. Almay Cosmetics || 10% off using cartwheel + $4 off coupon from
  5. Diapers {I’m not a mommy, but I couldn’t resist seeing how awesome this deal was} Cartwheel + sale {with a free gift card, with select quantities + varieties} + manufacturer coupons

These are just some of the crazy awesome deals I saw at Target this week. Household products are where I save big money! You should never be paying full price for household products, there are usually always coupons out there, plus you should be stocking up when you see a great deal!

If you saw my skincare post, you know I’ll be running out to stock up on Cetaphil cleanser! This might just be the best deal I’ve found on Cetaphil yet!

Tell me what are some of your favorite stores to save big at + what are some products you want me to search for big savings on or even coupons for that matter!! I’m always up for an awesome savings challenges!!




It all begins with coffee…

Attention all coffee junkies! I have found an amazing protein shake incorporating coffee to get you your morning joe and breakfast in one {healthy} shake! this post contains affiliate links, for more information please refer to my full disclosure page

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a coffee girl. Always have been, probably always will be. I need at least 2 3 cups of coffee to function, on a good day. But if you see me at the coffee pot and I’m filling up for the 4th or 5th time, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

Recently I found a recipe for coffee protein shake. {I use protein shakes as a meal replacement, usually for breakfast} Yumm! {Combining breakfast + coffee, what could be better?} This recipe is PERFECT for the on-the-go coffee junkie who are trying to be a touch healthier in the new year {myself included}


{Vanilla Iced Coffee Protein Shake}

This one doesn’t make as many ounces as my chocolate protein shake did. This recipe will still yield about 16-20 ounces though.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk {I use vanilla, but plain works just as fine too}

1 cup brewed coffee {I let my brewed cup set for a few minutes or even stick it in the fridge for a bit before I combine it in my plastic shaker with the other ingredients.}

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

2 cups ice

For this shake, I just put it all into my Contigo Blender Bottle and shake it up. I prefer this shake as a shake, but drinking it as a smoothie is just as delicious!

If you missed my chocolate protein shake last week, you can find it here. Who doesn’t love chocolate and healthy all in the same sentence?!





50 easy ways to save money in 2017

I've put together a list of 50 incredibly easy ways to save money. It covers everything from grocery shopping, to medical tips, to fixing the leaky bathroom faucet.

It’s shortly after New Years yet and you’re probably still working away at those “resolutions” you set. You want to lose weight this year, you want to become a millionaire, you want to become a better friend, etc, etc. We all set the same goals year after year and come February we’re just done with them. We’re over it, and ready to be back to our old selves. So that’s why now is the PERFECT time to share this list with you. You should know by now that saving money is kind of my thing. I’m frugal, yet still get pretty much whatever I want. So how do I do it? Well if you’re new here, you might want to check out my previous posts, but if you’re not new, you’ have a few ideas how I do it.

I’ve come up with a list of 50 super easy ways to save money this year. These aren’t ways to MAKE MONEY, but to save money with what you already have. You see, I’m a corporate, 9-5er (I think I just made up a new word), there are some chances for overtime to make some extra money, but not steadily, so if I want something, I SAVE to get there. I can’t go out and pick up an extra shift or two like my husband can who does manual labor.

  1. throw loose change in a jar
  2. make your coffee at home
  3. cut coupons
  4. automate your savings
  5. cut your gym membership and workout at home
  6. meal plan
  7. make a grocery list {and stick to it}
  8. compare prices
  9. refinance your home or car loan
  10. pay-off credit cards
  11. go out to eat one less time each month
  12. buy generic
  13. buy in bulk
  14. downgrade your cable package
  15. turn the thermostat down a few degrees
  16. install a programmable thermostat
  17. cover drafty windows with plastic
  18. cut up credit cards
  19. pay bills online
  20. join rewards programs
  21. cancel unused magazine + newspaper subscriptions
  22. cut out soda
  23. bike or walk places
  24. carpool with neighbors
  25. use free samples
  26. plant a garden
  27. shop the clearance section
  28. shop at dollar stores
  29. buy produce in season then freeze it
  30. cut meat from your diet a few days a week
  31. price match
  32. maximize tax deductions + tax credits
  33. replace light bulbs with LED light bulbs
  34. DIY rather than higher someone to do it for you
  35. layer clothing in the winter time
  36. eat leftovers
  37. run the washing machine on cold instead of hot
  38. get leaky faucets and toilets fixed
  39. take a sack lunch to work instead of buying your lunch
  40. budget
  41. split memberships with others to save money {such as sharing an Amazon prime account or a warehouse store membership}
  42. buy secondhand rather than brand new
  43. might sound crazy, but have you ever just asked someone to go lower on a price?
  44. money saving apps
  45. using discounted gift cards
  46. be healthier {healthier = less trips to doctor}
  47. maximize employer benefit options
  48. perform preventative maintenance
  49. stop impulse shopping
  50. get clothes tailored when they don’t fit instead of buying new


I told you they were super easy!! Challenge yourself for a couple weeks by trying some of these suggestions and keep track of how much money you really do save just by following simple tips! Share them with me, I would love to hear how these tips have helped you!! and you know I definitely want to hear all about other money saving tips you all use, leave ’em in the comments for me!

If this list helped you and gave you some ideas, don’t forget to share this post on Pinterest so all your friends can start racking up pennies too!



{delicious +healthy} chocolate protein smoothie

this post contains affiliate links. for more information, please see my disclosures page.

Instead of calling them “New Years Resolutions”, I prefer to call them “goals.” Because that’s what they are. Plain + simple goals, and we’ve just set the upcoming new year as our starting line.

I have to be honest though, and say setting goals has always being scary for me. The fear of failing keeps me from playing the game. I’m the very first to admit it. But over the past few years, I’ve stopped to look around and realized a few things about myself. I was setting extreme goals, that didn’t seem to be attainable, so of course, I was constantly failing.

I am proud to say I am still going strong on my goals for 2017. Yes, it is only mid-January, but I guarantee either you or someone {many people} you know have already given up their “resolutions.” I set my goals much more attainable this year, without making them too easy.

My biggest goal for 2017: become a healthier person all around. If you’re a numbers person, this might be hard for you to read. But I set goals that are measurable to ME. Because after all, the goals are mine, and only mine to achieve.

Today I am sharing my protein smoothie recipes that have been keeping me full + satisfied, which has led to an already healthier ME. They keep me full for 4-5 hours and are so YUMMY! I drink one of these for a meal and haven’t found myself snacking in between meals.

{Chocolate + Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie}

Makes 24-28 oz.

2 scoops chocolate protein powder

8-10 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2 tbsp. peanut butter

1 frozen banana {I peel + chop up all my bananas as soon as I buy them from the store. Once they are chopped up, I put each into an individual baggie to place in the freeze} So much easier when you go to make your smoothies!

2 cups ice

I use my Ninja Professional Blender I received at my bridal shower and absolutely love it! I highly recommend it! Just throw everything in and put it on low for around 30 seconds.

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean bland food with no flavor. My meal replacement chocolate + peanut butter protein smoothie is both delcious + healthy.

{Other items I used: Contigo Blender Bottle + Formula Container

Formula Container – Each compartment is the perfect size to hold 2 scoops of protein powder. If you’re always in a hurry + on the go like me, this is perfect, comes in both blue + pink. I measure my protein powder out at the beginning of the week and have 4 days worth right away so all I have to do is just open the cap and pour into my blender.

I find this one keeps me full without wanting to snack! It’s so delicious! I’ve tried some protein shakes in the past and well, let’s just say, they weren’t the most tasty.

I’ll be posting my iced coffee protein shake later in the week! If you’re a coffee junkie like myself, but looking for something a little healthier, you won’t want to miss this one.

part 2: how to plan weeks worth of meals to save MONEY

how to plan weeks worth of meals to save money

I posted part 1 of this post almost 2 weeks ago! For so many days, I was getting errors when trying to come into my site, and I just didn’t have the time to sit down + fix it until now. I promise, next time there is a 2-parter, you won’t be in suspense for almost 2 entire weeks!!

But today, part 2, is all about how I meal plan. This is something I’ve struggled with soo many times, until I realized just HOW much money it actually saves us each month!!

Now, when I say meal plan, I’m not talking about meal planning in the sense of making all meals for 1 week at a time. Setting out 14 containers and eating the same thing all week long. I’m talking about writing down what I’m making for the entire week and sticking to it. I get busy and don’t want to cook what I wrote down for that night, or what I wrote down just doesn’t sound good anymore, or I forgot one ingredient and don’t want to go to the store for that one thing. All of these excuses inevitably lead to you guessed it, FAST FOOD.

I failed so many times until I sat down and looked at our bank account one night and saw just how much we were spending at the grocery store + the amount of money we were spending to go out to eat. It almost made me sick to think about it. I knew something needed to change, so I decided to give meal planning another shot, or something there of it, and this time it actually stuck.

In just the 1st week alone, it saved us well over $50!!

I usually do 2 weeks at a time. Most produce will usually go bad if not used by 2 weeks, so the amount of expired food is minimal.

Deciding What to Make

To start off, I go to the meal binder I made back in part 1 of this post. In the first part of my binder, I just wrote down many common meals we eat (that I don’t have recipes in the binder for), such as tacos,  casserole, etc. easy meals like those that I don’t have {or need} a recipe for. This helps me not to make the same meals over + over again. I know I could eat taco meat 14 days in a row, but I don’t think the hubby would be too happy with that.

I list out all of the meals I plan to make in a 2 week span. I will usually only list out about 10 or so, because of leftovers, going out to eat, etc. Some meals I will make a double batch to create leftovers, if it’s going to be a super busy week or if its just a meal we really love and don’t make it too often.

Taking Inventory + Making a List

So next I write down every single ingredient {including spice packets} I will need to make those meals. {Sadly, I haven’t been able to come up with a printables for these items quite yet, soon though.} Next, I’ll go to the fridge, pantry, basement stockpile {yes, yes I do}, and cross off EVERYTHING on my list to make these items. While doing this, if I find a need almost everything for something on my list and it will be super expensive, I will usually just scratch it and replace it with something we have more of.

Of course the remaining items aren’t the only things we then buy at the grocery store. Since I only meal plan for our evening meals {dinner, supper, whatever ya’ll choose to call it}, I have to get breakfast + lunch items as well. Along with snack items, beverages, etc.


Once I have my grocery list, I then have to check out all of my coupon sites, and figure out where I’m going to go, to save the most. And yes, it is definitely OK to go SEVERAL different places to save the most money {but only if it makes sense, aka don’t drive 20 miles away to save .03 on green olives}.

I love this  grocery shopping printable from Stacy’s Savings! She has many other AWESOME printables on her blog too!! I found her blog on while looking through meal planning pins on Pinterest and have fallen in love with her blog!

So tell me, how do you meal plan? What works best for you? Share some of your awesome printables {or recipes} with me below!!

If you haven’t, make sure to check out part 1 of this post! Where I show you how to create your very own meal planning binder!

part 1: recipe + meal planning binder {with FREE printables}

this post contains affiliate links {view my disclosure page for more information on affiliate links}

One of my goals for the new year {2017} is to become + stay much more organized! I decided the first step towards this goal was to look at some items that I already have organized, but by making just a few quick changes, would help our lives greatly. One area that needed just a few quick changes was meal planning. I love meal planning because it saves SO much money every single month!

I absolutely love the concept of using binders for organizing everything. I organize so much of my life into binders. It’s just an awesome place to keep everything together and there are so many tools you can use for binder organization, such as sheet protectors, page dividers, etc.

today i’m sharing my meal planning + recipe binder

Before I begin showing you my binder {and how to create your own} here is what you’ll need to get started:

  • 3 hole punch {if you don’t want to keep all your recipes in sheet protectors} {I use my 3 hole punch all the time when meal planning}

I have several different sections in my meal-planning binder. We all have different organizational needs so the awesome part is you can customize your binder however you want it! It is so easy to add more sections or combine sections too! I find the more sections I have, usually the easier it is to find what I’m looking for.

Meal Planning Binder

Here’s how my binder is divided out {I like to make my section dividers fun}:

  • Meal Planning {We’ll talk about this section in a completely different post}
  • Appetizers
  • Side Dishes
  • Soups
  • Entrees {I’m a super picky eater and only eat beef for meat, but you might want to consider dividing your entrees section down more into Chicken Entrees, Beef, Entrees, etc.}
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

I have all of my pages in sheet protectors, it just keeps my recipes clean {I have been known to spill on my recipes a time or two while cooking, oops}. But once again, this is completely up to you! I would recommend at least putting your section dividers into sheet protectors!

{You can download my section dividers by clicking on the links below}

Cover Sheet || Appetizers || Side Dishes || Soups || Entrees || Desserts || Beverages

Coming soon: how I meal plan + save hundreds while doing it! {and more free printables}

What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized? Have you found something different than binders that works AMAZING for you? Tell me in the comments! Don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest if you loved it!!

20 inexpensive {or free} date night ideas

Some of my most favorite date night ideas are the most non-traditional ones. I’m not a romance, candlelight dinner type of girl. My most perfect date night would be watching Dateline on the couch while shoveling popcorn + ice cream into my mouth then washing it down with an ice cold beer. But hey, to each their own, right?

 The cost of date night is no joke. While one of my goals in 2017 is to spend much less money on going out to eat and things like that, that means our date night budget has also gone down.

I’ve put together a list of super inexpensive + some free date night ideas. After all, cutting out date night all together just isn’t an option.

  1. Board games, card games, puzzles, Wii, etc.

  2. Movie + popcorn {at home}

  3. Bike Rides

  4. Pack a picnic

  5. Make a meal together

  6. Go camping {in the backyard}

  7. Make a campfire

  8. Go through old pictures + videos together

  9. Volunteer

  10. Free concerts {more frequent in the warmer months}

  11. Tackle a Pinterest project together

  12. Netflix binge

  13. Watch the sun set

  14. Throw on some music + just dance

  15. Go for a drive

  16. Go out for ice cream or snow cones

  17. Hiking

  18. Explore a nature trail

  19. Attend a high school sporting event

  20. Check out a farmer’s market


We are always looking for new {inexpensive} date night ideas. What are some of your favorites? I’d LOVE to hear them!!

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how we pay cash for christmas gifts

Is it just me or does the day after Christmas not only bring a messy house but also a day of depression?

All of the highly anticipated gifts are now unwrapped, the stockings now hang empty on the wall, once again, and Christmas candy fills every empty square-inch of the kitchen countertops. Up until 2 years ago for me, the day after Christmas also brought to mind when the first credit card bill I put Christmas gifts on was due. However, this year, I don’t have those same thoughts.

Paying for Christmas gifts all from cash is an extra Christmas present of itself.

When my husband and I began paying off our pile of debt, we looked through the transactions on our credit cards to see where the credit card debt came from. Surprise, surprise, a majority of it came from buying Christmas gifts. I vowed that day we would try our hardest to never put another Christmas gift on credit. To this day, we have kept that goal and our day after depression levels haven’t been as high because of it.

Today I am sharing HOW we pay cash for Christmas and haven’t put a single-penny of Christmas gifts on credit.

The first thing I did was sat down and calculated roughly how much money we would need for Christmas. How did I calculate this? I made a list of all the people we buy gifts for and the amount of money we usually spend on each person. We added in an extra $200 to that number and this would be the amount of money we would be able to spend on Christmas this year.

{I added in the additional $200 to account for changes that would happen during the year, such as births, new friendships, marriages, new relationships, etc. You probably get the idea}.

Next, I calculated how much money per paycheck we needed to put away in order to achieve this number well before Christmas. {I hate last-minute shopping, so I usually make the stopping point mid-December}

My weekly transfer amount is $30 bucks. We cut out going out to eat {sit-down dinner} once a week, and boom, there is our money.

Automate, automate, automate.

I can’t say how important it is to automate your savings when you get paid. It takes less than 5 minutes to initially set-up and simplifies savings greatly. I don’t have to remember if I made the transfer to my Christmas savings or factor it into my budgeting. As an old infomercial used to say “set it and forget it!”

When I’m ready for money from my Christmas savings account, I either just go withdraw the cash or I transfer the money later online to my checking account. I never “borrow” from it because I know I don’t have the discipline to “pay it back.” When the money is gone, it’s gone. We don’t put additional gifts on our credit card or just buy them with money from our checking account.

It has really significantly cut down on the stress around Christmas time about how to pay for gifts and we don’t have to use our money we got as gifts to pay off the gifts we gave to everyone else. We can buy gifts for ourselves or better yet, throw that money toward some more debt.


my top skincare products for fab skin

this post contains affiliate links

Up until about a year ago, I didn’t take very good care of my skin. I’m the first to admit it. I slept in my makeup, caked on tons of products, without reading reviews, bought the cheapest “facial cleanser” I could find, and that was about the extent of my skincare routine. I would spend hundreds of dollars at a time on high quality hair care, yet I didn’t care how I treated the biggest organ on my body. I guess I thought high quality skincare products were a waste of money and everything was the same. Damn, I couldn’t have been anymore wrong.

I have since spent hours upon hours reading about skincare routines, finding the right products for my skin, and just in general experimenting with different products to see what works best for me. Everyone has a different skincare routine, because everyone’s skin is SO different. I was very blessed to never develop acne, but that doesn’t mean I don’t experience other skincare issues. In the summer months my face gets incredibly oily, but in the winter months, I’ve got a completely different situation on my hands.

I’ve put together some of my favorite inexpensive skincare products to share with you and most importantly, why I love them and use them! Remember, I’m not a skincare expert, these products have worked AMAZING for my skin and helped me get the fabulous skin I have now!

Daily Cleanser

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser  

This cleanser is currently in my daily skincare routine. I use it both morning and night. I found a dramatic improvement in my skin in just a few uses with this product!

Acne Cleanser

Another favorite of mine is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash {Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub}.

This cleanser truly works + it smells great too! I use this cleanser if I am experiencing some acne {luckily isn’t too often for me} but it works super quick on those stubborn acne spots.


St. Ives Apricot Scrub

I use this scrub as one of my exfoliators! I have used this one for probably 10+ years and still love it! Since it is an exfoliator, I don’t use it everyday. In the winter months, I use it more frequently, usually 3 times per week {more dead skin cells in winter}. Just depending how dry my skin is. In the summer months, 1-2 times per week. I love how my skin feels so refreshed!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

Another favorite of mine! I use it just the same as I do my Apricot Scrub!

These 2 exfoliators provide me with the same results, I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a favorite between the 2.  I usually switch them up when one bottle is gone. Just to keep my skin refreshed and using more of my favorite products!


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Toner

This toner leaves my skin feeling so refreshed! I don’t get that overly dry feeling either. Also in my daily skincare routine toolkit


Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer

Having oily skin, I always thought I wouldn’t need a moisturizer. How wrong I was! This one doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or greasy, PLUS it contains SPF 15 right in it! BUT if you have super dry skin, this one probably isn’t for you.

Recently I reached out to some friends because my daily moisturizer just wasn’t cutting it {the air is incredibly dry here in iowa right now}. after receiving many great recommendations, I decided to go with a different Cetaphil product I just hadn’t tried yet, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I saw a dramatic difference in just 1 use and absolutely love it!

Acne Treatment

Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10

It’s basically magic in a tube. It works so quick + doesn’t give you an overly dry feeling. {My hubby even uses it, if that tells you how much we love this one}

Make-up Remover

When it comes to eye make-up remover, I am not too particular with what I’m looking for, just ensuring it’s oil-free. I had used several, usually whatever was cheapest at the time, but I have really taking a liking to Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Cleansing Brush

I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about and why people were spending hundreds {$$} on these things, but after I purchased a relatively inexpensive one, I soon figured out why!

I purchased the Olay ProX Microdermabrasion System and LOVE it! Super inexpensive, around $30, and leaves my skin in amazing condition! I use the brush head every other day, and the microdermabrasion head just twice a week.

All of these products are fairly inexpensive + super easy to find!

Share with me some of your favorite skincare products and why you love them so much! I love checking out new products and would love to do a review for you!